ANNA Annual Meeting, 2018

Saturday March 10, 2018 2:00 pm, Cherry Hills Library
Officers in attendance:
    Michelle Palagi – Treasurer
    Wally Miller – Secretary
There were 14 people in attendance. A sign-in sheet was circulated.
Minutes of the 2017 meeting were read.
Michelle gave the Treasurer’s Report. The current balance (not including dues collected since the report) was $3630.46. That current balance was increased through the collection of approximately 6 members dues.

Committee Reports

Beyond Our Walls
Linda DuMoulin attends monthly meetings of the District 4 Coalition of Neighborhood Associations. Linda reported that she brought up the garage project at 7204 Emily which does not comply with our Protective Covenants at the last District 4 Coalition meeting. She also reported that the “Slow Down Albuquerque” signs are available for free at the SW Police Substation. More detail on Coalition meetings may be found in the March 2018 Newsletter. A new chair person is needed for this committee.
Social Committee
Mary Eichler reported preliminary plans for the annual autumn potluck gathering. The plan is to combine the event as a potluck and a Free Pizza event with hopes of drawing a bigger crowd. There were no objections to this plan.
Beautification Committee
 Attendees were directed to Chistee King’s Letter from the President in the March 2018 newsletter in her absence. We are exploring ways of reducing the landscaping expenses – possibly through fewer visits by Water Quest. Also, since the association is now registered as a non-profit organization with the Secretary of State, we hope to take advantage of our tax exempt status for the landscaping as well as other expenses.
Community Policing and Block Captains
 In Kathy Maxwell’s absence, attendees were referred to the Community Policing report in the newsletter. Block Captains are still need for Leslynne, Wren Walk and Della.
Welcome and Membership
Nancy Mead was unable to attend but listed new residents welcomed to the community in the newsletter.
Covenant Awareness Committee
There is currently no chairperson for this committee, but there was discussion on the garage addition (at 7204 Emily) issue at the close of the meeting. Also attendees were directed to the article in the newsletter: Academy North Covenants – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow signed by the four board members.
Newsletter & Website
 Virginia DeBolt continues to offer our association a tremendous service in publishing the newsletters as well as maintaining our website.

Old Business

  • Slow Down Albuquerque signs available at SW Substation (per Beyond Our Walls report above) through the Albuquerque crime prevention department.
  • Water Quest does not have the capability to bring water to Barstow trees

New Business

  • Various suggestions were made to help increase the number of members paying dues: mail newsletters to landlords (current policy? – verify);   publish names of non-payers (consensus – not a good idea); send out payment reminders – deemed not practical. The board will continue to explore ways of increasing dues receipts.
  • Sammie Hammens commented that, from his experience, low neighborhood participation is normal.
  • Ron Anderson brought up possibility of disbanding ANNA. The consensus was that due to ongoing expenses, this is not a good option.
  • Pat Tode has done some research on the association’s non-profit corporate standing and found that we may not be in compliance with the Attorney General’s office – this will be explored further.
  • Two neighborhood issues were brought up. Luisa Duran called to the group’s attention to a dangerous traffic situation when residents get their mail from the mailbox at the east end of Parrot Run, especially if a car is parked across from it beyond the cutout. Marilyn Drake offered a note that can be put on the windshield of habitual street parking abusers. Pat Tode mentioned that there are several cracks in the pavement along Racheleigh which should be called to the city’s attention.
  • The large garage addition at 7204 Emily was discussed. Unfortunately the project has gone ahead in spite of several conditions contrary to the Protective Covenants: it lacked written consent of the architectural committee (or ANNA board, as the architectural committee currently does not formally exist); it is greater than “one story” in height; it extends past the house’s north wall; it is clearly not in “harmony of external design with existing structures..”; it is not in keeping with (Section 1, 1st Amendment) “single family residential purposes” or “A private garage or carport for each residence shall be permitted”. The owner took out a homeowner’s permit, signing an affidavit that he was the owner-occupant. As he does not reside there, this is an improper permit, but the city has declined on enforcing this requirement. Both the mayor’s office and our councilman have been notified as to this situation. Ultimately, a final remedy may require a civil law suit.

Election of new officers:

President – Wally Miller
Vice President – Reg Walker
Sammie Hammens – Treasurer
Pat Tode – Secretary

Action Items

  • Check with Nancy Mead and Christee King regarding mailing of newsletters to landlords.
  • Fill vacant chair positions for Beyond Our Walls and Covenant Awareness committees.
  • Acquire “Slow Down Albuquerque” signs.
  • Get parking note from Marilyn Drake and make available to residents.
  • Contact city regarding cracks in Racheleigh pavement.
  • Work toward restoring the Architectural Control Committee
  • Check on ANNA’s standing with the Attorney General’s office and get tax-exempt number for ANNA.
  • Discuss landscaping contract with Water Quest. Look into alternatives: Red Shovel and a handyman Linda knows about.