Annual Meeting, 2017

March 26, 2017 1:00 pm, Cherry Hills Public Library

Officers in attendance:

Kevin Blackerby – President

Linda DuMoulin – Vice President – presiding

Nancy Mead – Treasurer

Christee King – Secretary

There were approximately 19 persons in attendance.

The email contact list was circulated for changes and updates. Linda explained that the list is private and is only used to notify neighbors of problems and to distribute the newsletter.

Old Business

Minutes of the 2016 Annual Meeting were not available, but where approved as submitted.

Nancy gave the Treasurer’s report The current balance in the account is $2909.47. She has received several more checks at the meeting.

Committee Reports

Member and Welcome – Nancy reports she has made 4-5 welcome visits in the past year.

Beyond Our Walls – Linda attends the District 4 Neighborhood Association meetings at the North Domingo Baca Multi-Generational Center.

Covenant Awareness – Jennifer was unable to attend the meeting, but did submit an article to the last newsletter.

Beautification – Christee mentioned the tree trimming project, which was also submitted as an article to the newsletter. There was discussion about the care of the trees. Wally Miller asked if we could investigate Water Quest’s ability to bring water for the trees.

Community Policing – Kathy reported that another group mailbox has been broken into. These older boxes are replaced when damaged, but it takes quite a bit of time to happen.

Block Captains – Linda is now certified as a Block Captain in the Neighborhood Watch program. Two new Watch signs have been placed.

Block Captains are still needed for Leslynne, Wren Walk and Della. It is not necessary to be certified to serve.

Newsletter – Virginia. The group thanked Virginia for the excellent newsletters

There was discussion of speeding and people running stop signs. Children live in the area. There was a request for “Slow Down Albuquerque” signs.

New Business

Election of Officers and Committee Chairs (March 2017-March 2018)

President – Christee King

Vice President – Nancy Mead

Treasurer – Michele Palagi

Secretary – Wally Miller


Social Committee – Mary Eichler

Beautification – Christee King

Covenant Awareness – Jennifer Abbott

Welcome & Membership – Linda DuMoulin

Community Policing – Kathy Maxwell

Newsletter – Virginia DeBolt

Beyond our Walls – pending

Neighborhood Care – This committee no longer exists.

Action Items:

Linda will contact 311 about the Slow Down Albuquerque signs

Nancy will ask Water Quest about their ability to water the trees.

Decision about who represents us on Beyond Our Walls group