Minutes of the March 20, 2023 Annual Meeting of the Academy North Neighborhood Association

5:30 PM, Cherry Hills Public Library Meeting Room

Nine members in attendance, including President (Debra Wehling); Treasurer (Pat Tode/Sam Hammons); Secretary (Christee King)

Meeting was called to order at 5:40 PM

Attendees introduced themselves.

The Secretary read aloud the minutes of the April 23, 2022 Annual Meeting. The minutes were approved by a show of hands.

Committee Reports were not given.

New Business

Barstow Wall Repair. When the wall was repaired, we negotiated a one-year warrantee.  Cracks were noticed near the north entrance.  They were repaired under the warrantee.

Mario Maldonado (Maldonado Professional Re-stucco) and Tom Gomez (Resident) walked the entire wall.  Per Mario, we should expect more cracks in the near future.  Mario Malonado did some 6 or 7 minor repairs under the warrantee.

Repair required purchase of supplies and paint, which were not covered by the warrantee. $300 was paid to Mario Maldonado for supplies.

Landscaping along Barstow. WaterQuest recently applied weed killer and pre-emergent.  Cost was $556.21.

Juniper Bushes along Barstow.  Debra is obtaining quotes to cut down the dead or dying juniper bushes.  This should be done in the next several weeks. A suggestion was made to also remove the proliferating aloe/century plants at the north entrance.

Action item:  An item to be placed in the upcoming newsletter, offering residents to take any of the aloe/century plants if they want them.

Treasurer’s Report – Pat Tode

Opening Balance 3.20.23  $1,616.91

  • Expenses:
  • WaterQuest $272.71 (3.22.22)
  • Non-Sufficient Funds Fee $12.00
  • City of ABQ    $10.00
  • Mario Maldonado $300.00
  • WaterQuest $556.21

Total Expenses  $1150.92

Deposits (dues) $2175

Balance $2640.99

Draft of Bylaws Revision

Christee reported that the ABQ City Council has decreed that all Neighborhood Associations must revise their Bylaws by late November, 2023.  Revisions will be reviewed by the Office of Neighborhood Coordination and must comply with the updated Neighborhood Association Recognition Ordinance (NARO).  The City Council requires the following be included:

  • Geographic boundaries /  map
    Indication of open membership
    Process of succession. How vacant officer positions will be filled
    Defined process of establishing membership
    Date of Annual Meeting

Draft of bylaws was reviewed.  

Action Item: Christee will look at the Bylaws Template Form, make any draft revisions based on the form (https://www.cabq.gov/office-of-neighborhood-coordination/resources)

Action Item: The proposed bylaws will be included in the upcoming newsletter for comments.

Other topics:

Cars parked on street, are an ongoing problem. Put this in the newsletter, separated from Beautification Report. Point out the issues about access for emergency vehicles. Suggestion was made to have “Visitor Parking Only” signs in the pullouts or paint on the curbs “Visitor Parking Only”.  Parking is covered in the Covenants document.

Election of Officers

Under existing Bylaws, there were not enough members in attendance to elect/re-elect officers.  

Action Item: Election was tabled until ballots can be placed in the next newsletter.  Nancy Mead and Anita Wagner volunteered to count the ballots.

Submitted by Christee King, Secretary on March 25, 2023 for review by officers before posting to the ANNA website.


Annual Meeting April 23, 2022; 1:00pm
Cherry Hills Library
17 persons were in attendance
Each person introduced themselves
Minutes of the last annual meeting were not available.
Committee Reports: Beautification, Police Lead, Beyond Our Walls (AKA District 4 Coalition), Treasurer are elsewhere in this newsletter. No reports from Membership & Welcome, Social, due to COVID Pandemic.
New Business:
Block Captains (Neighborhood Watch) – There are not block captains on every street. Everyone should be alert to issues and may report them to Kathy Maxwell on Parrot Run. Issues should also be reported to the Police by the person actually witnessing the crime / problem. Kathy Maxwell suggested that stopping a newspaper and mail delivery might not be as trustworthy as asking a neighbor to pick up your mail and newspaper.
Action Items: Volunteers are needed for Block Captains. Contact President Debra Wehling.
Dues – Prior to this meeting, only two houses have paid their 2022 dues of $50.
Several checks were collected at the meeting. See the Treasurer’s report in this newsletter.
Action Items: President to write wording for signs to be placed at entrances
reminding people to pay their dues. Forward wording to Adam Warrington, Vice
President, who can have signs made.
Housing Values – No houses have been listed recently.
Covenants – Buyers are required to receive the Covenants during the sale.
Landlords are responsible to distribute the Covenants to tenants. Covenants are
available on the ANNA website at Academynorthneighborhood.com/covenants/
Action Items: Brief guide to Covenants to be an insert in this newsletter.
Businesses in the Home : This is not permitted by the Covenants or the City.
Cleanup of Renovation Materials : This is a problem at a home on Parrot Run. Nosolution was offered.
Election of Officers : Officers and Committee Chairs (except Membership &
Welcome) will remain for 2022.
The meeting was adjourned at 2:10pm. Submitted by Christee King, Secretary
President: Debra Wehling – dwehling@outlook.com; 505-280-7779
Vice President: Adam Warrington – 
adamjwar@hotmail.com; 505-610-1820
Treasurer: Pat Tode and Sammy Hammons (call first or U.S. mail) – 8309
Racheleigh NE 87109; patti.t1965@gmail.com; 505-934-5726
Secretary: Christee King;- kingchristee@gmail.com;505-385-3488
Committee Chairs:
Membership & Welcome: Velma Tabbytite – ADDRESS; EMAIL; PHONE #
Beyond Our Walls (District 4 Coalition): Vanessa Stranski – twofloatin2@yahoo.com; 505-697-0472
Social: Mary Eichler – Memeichler7@gmail.com; 847-533-4968
Policing: Kathy Maxwell –
Kathrynmaxwell0201@gmail.com; 505-821-1074
Beautification: Christee King 
kingchristee@gmail.com; 505-385-3488
Covenant Awareness: OPEN – VOLUNTEERS NEEDE


Annual meeting: August 21, 2021

Cherry Hills Library Meeting Room

The meeting was called to order at 1:05 by President Nancy Mead.

Special appreciation was given to Nancy Mead, Mary Eichler and Tom Gomez for their tireless work on fundraising and oversight of the Barstow Wall project.

Minutes of the previous annual meeting (March 23, 2019) were read by Secretary Christee King.  No meeting was held in 2020 due to the COVID pandemic.

Sam Hammons, Treasurer was not present.  Nancy summarized as well as possible, saying that the Barstow Wall repair price was $15,800, of which we have paid half.

Committee Reports:

Community Policing and Block Captain Kathy Maxwell reported that on April 21, 2021, a break in through the garage door occurred in the 8000 block of Parrot Run Road.  The house was unoccupied and primarily empty of contents.  In addition, several cars have been broken into over the year, none of the cars were locked. A word to the wise is sufficient.

Social Committee Mary Eichler had nothing to report due to the COVID pandemic.

Beyond Our Walls Vanessa Stranski is our new representative to the District 4 Coalition of Neighborhood Associations.

Newsletter / Webpage Committee Virginia DeBolt was applauded for her 12 + years of service producing the newsletter and the website.  Vanessa Stranski is taking over these duties from Virginia.  Updated photos to be added when the wall is completed.

Welcome Committee   No report from Nancy Mead due to the COVID pandemic.

Beautification Committee Christee King reported on weed management on Barstow using Water Quest’s service.  We also had pre-emergent applied early in the spring of 2021, which has kept the weeds down this summer.  There was discussion about neighbors who were not keeping their lawns tended and allowing lots of weeds to grow.  Suggest letter be sent to owners of these properties and possible reporting to City’s 311 service.  Possibility of hiring someone local (Gaylan Coffman) who might handle the weeds and leaves along Barstow for a lower price.

Tom Gomez reports on the wall repair.  The wall has been a problem for many years.  $15,800 is the cost for the repair.  After three estimates, Maldonado Professional Re-Stucco was selected to do the work.  A contract was signed.  Free advertisements for Maldonado will be placed in upcoming newsletters (Vanessa to include).  Maldonado business cards were passed out. A 2 year warranty on the wall was written into the contract.  The color coat includes synthetic material that is guaranteed for 20 years.  Maldonado and Tom will seek out a mural artist to do the Academy North lettering on the wall.  Discussion was held about whether to use Block or Cursive lettering on the wall.  As cursive writing is falling out of favor, the overwhelming vote was for block lettering.

New Business: Discussion about the value of remaining an active neighborhood association.  All attendees agreed that we need to remain an association.

Elections  were completed: We thanked Debra and Adam for graciously volunteering to be our new president and vice president. Welcome!

New president – Debra Wehling

Vice president – Adam Warrington

Treasurer – Pat Tode and Sam Hammons

Secretary – Christee King

Newsletter – Vanessa Stranski

Webpage – Vanessa Stranski

District 4 representative – Vanessa Stranski

Other committee chairs remain the same.

Meeting was adjourned at 2:30


No meeting was held due to Covid restrictions


ANNA Annual Meeting

March 23, 2019
Cherry Hills Library Meeting Room

The meeting was called to order at 2:35 pm by Wally Miller, President.

Pat Tode, Secretary, read the minutes from the March 10, 2018 annual meeting.

Sammy Hammons, Treasurer, gave the treasury report.

Current Balance
$7,539.83 +$550.00 (recently received checks for dues and/or wall repair contributions) for a total of $8,089.83 ($200 allocated to the newly established “wall fund”.*)

*Amounts received over the $50 annual dues amount, or specified for the fund, are credited to the “wall fund”. The “wall fund” is not an actual separate account. It is tracked on paper only.

Wally suggested earmarking a portion of the total fund into the “wall fund”. It was agreed that we should leave $3,000 in the checking account and consider the balance as set aside to repair the ANNA Barstow wall.

Attendees discussed ways to possibly increase the number of dues paying homeowners. Annual letters are a possibility.

A discussion was held on problems we need to deal with before repairing the wall (tree roots, poor water drainage, overhanging branches). It was suggested that we get several quotes in order to get an idea of how much money we need to set aside.

Another discussion was held regarding zoning in our neighborhood. Two homeowners appear to be conducting personal businesses out of their homes. It was suggested that we check with the City Zoning Department regarding proper zoning and enforcement.

The September 2018 Pizza Party social event was a big success.

During their next visit, Water Quest needs to spray the junipers for red spiders.

In the fall of 2018, the arroyo wall was vandalized. The City is not responsible for repairs. It is believed that it is the responsibility of the Arroyo Authority.

Pat Tode brought up the subject of speeding on Racheleigh and people ignoring the stop signs at Racheleigh/Emily and Emily/Wren Walk. Now that spring and summer are approaching, children will be playing outside and several handicapped residents use wheelchairs to navigate the neighborhood. The “Slow Down Albuquerque” signs that Wally got from the City were of inferior quality and were destroyed in a bad wind storm.

New Officers for the 2019 fiscal year (March to February)

President – Michelle Pelogi**
Vice President – Nancy Mead
Secretary – Christee King
Treasurer – Sammy Hammons***

** Michelle resigned shortly after the meeting for personal reasons. Nancy Mead takes over as President.
*** Pat Tode will assist Sammy with financial duties for 2019 FY.

Minutes submitted by Pat Tode

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