ANNA Annual Meeting, 2019

March 23, 2019
Cherry Hills Library Meeting Room

The meeting was called to order at 2:35 pm by Wally Miller, President.

Pat Tode, Secretary, read the minutes from the March 10, 2018 annual meeting.

Sammy Hammons, Treasurer, gave the treasury report.

Current Balance
$7,539.83 +$550.00 (recently received checks for dues and/or wall repair contributions) for a total of $8,089.83 ($200 allocated to the newly established “wall fund”.*)

*Amounts received over the $50 annual dues amount, or specified for the fund, are credited to the “wall fund”. The “wall fund” is not an actual separate account. It is tracked on paper only.

Wally suggested earmarking a portion of the total fund into the “wall fund”. It was agreed that we should leave $3,000 in the checking account and consider the balance as set aside to repair the ANNA Barstow wall.

Attendees discussed ways to possibly increase the number of dues paying homeowners. Annual letters are a possibility.

A discussion was held on problems we need to deal with before repairing the wall (tree roots, poor water drainage, overhanging branches). It was suggested that we get several quotes in order to get an idea of how much money we need to set aside.

Another discussion was held regarding zoning in our neighborhood. Two homeowners appear to be conducting personal businesses out of their homes. It was suggested that we check with the City Zoning Department regarding proper zoning and enforcement.

The September 2018 Pizza Party social event was a big success.

During their next visit, Water Quest needs to spray the junipers for red spiders.

In the fall of 2018, the arroyo wall was vandalized. The City is not responsible for repairs. It is believed that it is the responsibility of the Arroyo Authority.

Pat Tode brought up the subject of speeding on Racheleigh and people ignoring the stop signs at Racheleigh/Emily and Emily/Wren Walk. Now that spring and summer are approaching, children will be playing outside and several handicapped residents use wheelchairs to navigate the neighborhood. The “Slow Down Albuquerque” signs that Wally got from the City were of inferior quality and were destroyed in a bad wind storm.

New Officers for the 2019 fiscal year (March to February)

President – Michelle Pelogi**
Vice President – Nancy Mead
Secretary – Christee King
Treasurer – Sammy Hammons***

** Michelle resigned shortly after the meeting for personal reasons. Nancy Mead takes over as President.
*** Pat Tode will assist Sammy with financial duties for 2019 FY.

Minutes submitted by Pat Tode